Left Tied Up Outside His Family's House Under The Torrential Rains, Wrapping In His Own Body To Protect Himself

This unfortunate incident occurred in Mexico City, where the dog's future is looking brighter thanks to recent events. One of the saviors commented, "What pride to have rescued this dog yesterday and today to have him calm, loving, and joyful. 

However, many domestic furry companions are forced to unjustly endure hostility and bad living conditions at the hands of their irresponsible owners, despite the fact that no animal should ever have to face such abuse. 

A puppy in Mexico City had the same experience, as he was routinely left outside his family's home even when it poured. In fact, the footage was recorded when the dog huddled together for protection from a heavy downpour with hail. 

They didn't appear to care that he was exposed to the elements or that he was left alone in the yard. A concerned neighbor, however, decided to capture the incident and post it on Twitter in the hopes that it would prompt authorities to take action. 

Again, I feel obligated to inform my neighbors that they let Leo outside in all kinds of weather, no matter how bad it is. The person identified as @JC Real__ wrote, "Animal Care Agency, please help him, Mayor Gustavo A. Madero." 

Lety Varela, an employee with the Animal Surveillance Brigade, tweeted the following once the rest of the dog's rescue operation was complete. "Colleagues from the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City's Animal Surveillance Brigade, we discussed, and ultimately persuaded. "Enough with the animal brutality," she pleaded, despite the fact that the dog had previously been rescued from his appalling surroundings and was under our doctors' careful observation and care. 

As a group, we can make history. What a sense of accomplishment to have taken in and rehabilitated this dog yesterday. He also thanked his coworkers in the Animal Surveillance Brigade for their hard work in another publication, where you can see the dramatic improvement the puppy, who will now have a better life, has made.

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