One-Eyed ‘Cyclops’ Puppy With Two Tongues And No Nose Born In Philippines

 A strange one-eyed dog with two huge tongues and no nose was born in the Philippines. The dog only lived for a day, unfortunately. It was born on February 6 in the Aklan region of the country, beside a seemingly healthy baby. It had one eye, but no nose, so it couldn't even nurse from its mother. Amie de Martin, a resident of the area, stated that they fed the small dog puppy food and took it to the vet in the hopes that the dog, now named "Cyclops," would survive. 

Because of its breathing problems, it didn't make it to the next day, passing away at around 10 p.m. The grieving pet owner was told by the vet that the puppy died because the mother dog ingested toxins while pregnant. "The veterinarian suggested Cyclops' mother probably ate something nasty," Amie said. Cyclops' mother, though, is an s-puppy, thus it isn't necessarily the case. 

Cyclops couldn't even get a taste of her milk. We had to feed him with a dropper and powdered milk. Amie decided against burying the dead dog in the garden and instead preserved its remains in a glass box. It was speculated that the puppy suffered from Cyclopia, a rare ss that affects mammals and other animals. Any number of factors, including faulty genes and environmental toxins, can contribute to the disorder.

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