Rescue dog chained to live in the heat and rain in vain waiting for kind people to help!

 we got call for help a poor dog was chained without shelter under sun and rain... for ling time . 

The heartless owner neflected this poor dog , he starved only skins and bones with heavy chained. heartless owner chained poor dog without food and water ... 

When we come to there for help, the poor dog is so hungry ... 

we gave him a lot of foods but he eat engorge like never eat before . He starved and so scared people, we try to build his trust . a new chapter and life started for him today . Dehydrated, nourished, in extremely difficult condition. Body temperature of 40.8 celsuis, he has many ticks , hundreds of fleas ... 

The poor dog was not used to any human interaction , bathed , vet check and sedative therapy . 

The poor dog is safe now !  

We took the poor dog Pako to the vet  . a wood stick stuck long time in pako's mouth. we can not imagine how many pain he suffered . 

he took all the treatement he needed . 1 week later : pako in a safe place , he meet hapiness , play, friends , freedom . it takes a little to change someone's life and give them hope. 

Pako is finally enjoying life as he deserves in a safe placement .

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