Stray Dog’s Story of Misery Written on His Skin

 His body is so broken down that it has even shocked the experienced rescuers.

Stray Animal Rescue of St. Louis reports that this summer was extremely challenging for homeless pets. One of these "lost souls" that they just rescued is Kanga. His skin is wracked with the scars of years of abuse and suffering. 

His broken body has scared off even the most seasoned rescuers. 

Stray Rescue of St. Louis comments on Facebook that they have seen numerous cases of mange over the past 25 years, but this is one of the most severe. 

They posted several pictures of Kanga with the caption, "It tears our heart." 

The dog's body is hairless and covered in excruciating sores, flaking skin, and folds of skin so deep they seem like zebra stripes. 

And his eyes inform his rescuers that he feels the same pain they do. They put it in writing, "We can see the pain in his eyes. He is absolutely defeated. All of us here at............ 

Some of Kanga's fans already assume he's a German Shepherd because of his towering ears, but the truth about his breed won't be known until he's fully recovered. 

The goal of Stray Rescue of St. Louis is to aid in his recuperation, but they recognize that he faces a lengthy road to full health. Nonetheless, they assure us, "We will give him therapeutic baths, medication for infection, nutritious food, and so much more." LOVE

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