Teenager Saves Her Dog With A Makeshift Boat During Devastating Flood

All they could do was sit on the rooftop overlooking their ravaged neighborhood and wait. But at first chance, she insisted the dog go first.

 After evacuating their flooded Kentucky home, a 17-year-old girl and her dog became lost. Chloe Adams was alone in her home as the water began to rise to its first floor. 

The teenager carried the dog on top of a couch cushion and a plastic container across the swift water to her neighbor's roof, where she waited. 

Five hours later, she spotted her cousin coming to the rescue in a kayak. She demanded that Sandy go first because she was afraid to leave the dog on the roof. 

The cousin brought the dog to safety, and then he returned for Chloe. The adolescent considers himself extremely fortunate after everything that has happened.

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