The Joyful Dog Is Overjoyed That Someone Reminded Her of Her Birthdayy

 This is Athena, a two-year-old puppy with a heart of gold. 

Maybe Athena's birthday was celebrated in private, but not by her family. 

Instead, they made their dog's birthday extra special by surprising her with a unique gift. 

Hayleigh Powell and her family lavished extra love and attention on their dog Athena all day long in honor of her birthday, saving the best for last. 

A party isn't a party without some sweets and tunes. 

Powell said to The Dodo, "I made sure the cake was a total surprise for her. 

When the big reveal occurred, Athena was ecstatic. 

Powell exclaimed, "It felt incredible to see her so happy." She must have felt very special, I think. 

Without a doubt, Athena sensed the adoration. Even more impressive was the fact that it was a flavor she could detect. 

The dogs Powell has adopted as children, including Athena, are more than just pets. There's no better way to celebrate their birthday than with a spectacular party. 

To paraphrase what Powell said, "I want them to have the best possible experiences."