‘The World’s Saddest Dog’ Loses Her Home Again, And Might Be Put To Sleep If No One Adopts Her Soon


"The Saddest Dog in the World," Lana, has been abandoned once again and faces euthanasia if she doesn't find a new home soon. In 2015, a photo of a sad Lana in her kennel was posted online by boredpanda. 

After being adopted by a family and then returned, the dog at the shelter became too depressed to go on walks. In 2015, Dahlia Ayoub of Mighty Mutts said, "It's almost like her world shut down." 

Lana had bitten her human mom, so they had to give her back to the shelter. The dog's instinct to guard her food may have been inspired by her early experiences as the weakest member of her litter. However, the shelter was able to find Lana a new adoptive family who were willing to give her a second shot. That is, until just recently. 

According to Brenda Dobranski, creator of Rescue Dogs Match, "people want a dog they can pet and play with," which explains why Lana's adoption attempt failed. Although she's a lot of fun, Lana isn't the type of dog who enjoys having her belly rubbed. 

There is a chance that the dog will be put to sleep on May 20 if she hasn't been adopted yet. Can you appreciate Lana for the unique dog that she is? Are you up to the challenge of cheering up "the world's saddest dog?" 

A photo of a dog named Lana, who quickly became known as "the saddest dog in the world," went viral in 2015. 

At the time, this shelter dog's former owners had returned her, leaving her too unhappy to enjoy outdoor activities like walks. 

Fortunately, Lana was able to find a safe haven where she was welcomed with open arms, and it appeared that this was the happy ending. 

She has been homeless again as of late, and she needs new owners badly to stave off euthanasia. 

People wanted a dog they could pet and play with, which made it difficult to adopt Lana. 

"Lana is a goofy, joyful girl, but she's not the kind of dog who'll tolerate belly massages." 

Poor pooch has seen and experienced so much, she needs a compassionate human to help her learn to trust again. 

By May 20th, Lana may be put to sleep if she hasn't improved. 

The anxious dog needs a loving home with people who appreciate her for who she is.

Will you be the one to bring joy back to "the world's saddest dog?"

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