They Dumped Her Because They Didn't Have Time For Her, Bloodhound Feels Let Down And Depressed At Overcrowded Shelter

 Meet Kansas, a seven- years-old bloodhound who was surrendered to the Carson Animal Care Center in California by her family. According to the sanctum's information, her family abandoned her because they did not have enough time to spend with her. 



 Kansas is described as sportful with other pets , housetrained despite living outdoors, and with good leash chops and obedience training. 



 My name is KANSAS, and I am a 7- years-old womanish Bloodhound. I haven't yet been desexed. I have been at Carson Animal Care Center since August 4th. I'll be available on August 4th. You can visit me at my temporary home atC317.s. 

INTERESTED IN FOSTERING? If you ’re in LA, OC, San Bernadino or Riverside County and would like to apply to foster a Carson doggy , please visit to complete the online foster operation.

 Please share this canine’s plight with approved deliverance associations, friends, family and social media connections. 


 Please share so she doesn't have to stay in the sanctum for too long. 

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