He made the following announcement: “I apologize for the delay, but I couldn’t just run over the dog.”

When officials find a stray dog on the tracks, the train must stop and the passengers must wait for the dog to be removed, which can cause significant delays. 

Another, often depressing, scenario is that the train keeps going and the passengers just feel a bump. The second alternative, however, of killing the dog on the tracks, was not acceptable to a train conductor in Santiago, Chile. The driver could have phoned for help to remove and save the dog, but instead he stopped the train, got down on the tracks, and got the dog out himself. You can see him walk up to the terrified dog on camera. 

The man beckons the dog over, and when it doesn't come, he cautiously approaches it, hoping not to be bitten. The dog seemed grateful for the rescue, and the train conductor was able to lift him by the scruff of his neck. The dog was taken in by another train worker who ultimately ended up saving its life. 

After the delay was caused, the driver returned to the train and apologized, saying, "I couldn't just run over the dog." The man got a round of applause from everyone on board. A true hero, indeed!

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  • Anonymous January 15, 2023 at 11:53 PM

    What a compasionate and lovely man!


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