74-year-old woman fends off alligator to save dog

 Florida's PALM BEACH COUNTY — A 74-year-old woman from Palm Beach County was hurt defending her dog from an alligator last month.

At the Burt Aaronson South County Regional Park, west of Boca Raton, the incident took place on August 24.

Suzan Marciano claimed that over the past eight years, she has been going to the park.

Marciano claimed that one evening last month, she was strolling her two dogs close to a lake in the southeast part of the park.

Suzan Marciano and her dog Nalu following an alligator attack

She saw a dark shadow approaching one of her dogs, 11-year-old Nalu, who was in the water a short distance away.

I've been letting her cool off in there for eight years, Marciano said.

An alligator emerged from the water and charged her dog, turning out to be that shadowy figure.

Marciano claimed that she slammed her hands down on the ravenous alligator as she instinctively dove into the water to save Nalu.

"I did not even consider. I dove into the water and landed with both hands on the alligator "said Marciano.

She claimed that during the struggle, her hand was bit, but she was still able to get both of them back on land and away from the gator's mouth.

Alligator attack in west Boca Raton leaves Suzan Marciano with a hand injury. "(Nalu) was already half underwater when I landed on the alligator," Marciano said.

She claimed to have seen individuals telling her they would contact authorities as they were leaving the park the evening of the incident.

Marciano had stitches put in her hand that evening, and Nalu had an urgent procedure to treat and drain the bite marks.

Marciano expressed her gratitude for being able to save her dog and credited her health and the effects of adrenaline.

West of Boca Raton, an alligator bit Nalu, a dog.

Marciano said, "I go to the gym twice a week, and I'm so happy I do because I'm pretty strong.

She has been informing people about what took place and warning them about alligators.

Nalu has been recovering since the attack while avoiding the water for some time.

She will live her entire life with me and never swim in a lake again, Marciano declared.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission stated in a report that despite arriving at the park and searching the area, they were unable to pinpoint the scene of the attack and found no alligators in the lake.

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