A mother dog whined sadly and ate the poison meat on the ground in a crowded canteen to save the villagers

 A monument depicting a dog was erected in 2006 at Hejiashan Cemetery in Jiujiang City on the eve of the Chinese Qingming festival. Every year, a large number of people would visit the dog's grave to make offerings of food and floral arrangements.

The locals erected a memorial and properly buried this brave dog.

What did this dog accomplish to earn such admiration? Will it affect you if I tell you that this female dog, who had just given birth to a litter of four puppies, gave its life to save the lives of more than 30 people?

On September 28, 2003, Liu purchased a dead dog from a market and brought it back to his place of employment, a driving school. The canteen manager then prepared a pot of stew made with dog meat for the evening's dinner for more than 30 workers. Four puppies ran into the canteen as the cook was stewing the meat because of the appealing aroma.

When an employee noticed the adorable puppies, he or she decided to give them a piece of meat to try.

Sai-Hu, their mother, dashed over and quickly pushed the meat aside with her paw. Sai-Hu yelled angrily at its puppies and shooed them away from the canteen.

Sai-Hu barking at the meat on the floor for a few minutes went unnoticed by the canteen staff. When Sai-Hu realized they were about to eat the dog meat, it became agitated and began to circle the meat while growling at it. After that, it turned to the stew pot and began to bark at it as well.

The workers threw a few more pieces of meat on the ground thinking it might want more. Sai-Hu, however, simply used her paws to press the meat. The meat was not consumed by it. It never stopped barking at the meat. Everyone eventually grew weary of the Sai-actions. Hu's

While they waited for the dog meat to finish cooking, more and more people started to enter the canteen. Sai-Hu persisted in barking angrily at the stew pot. As more people entered the canteen, it began to bark even more ferociously. Sai-Hu let out a loud, protracted, chilling, and depressing whine while glancing at the people who were ignoring its barks. The four puppies barged back into the canteen as soon as they heard their mother's whine.

Sai-Hu gave each of its puppies a small prod with her nose, simulating a kiss, before licking the tiniest one.

Sai-Hu finally let out a long, sad whine before chowing down on some dog meat that was lying on the ground. In less than 10 minutes after eating the meat, Sai-Hu began to shake violently, twitch, and then blood began to ooze out of its seven apertures. Sai-Hu appeared to be dead.

The workers who were waiting to eat the dog meat stew were alarmed after seeing the incident! The meat stew was actually poisoned in the pot!

The meat stew was sent to the Health and Epidemic Prevention Department for testing after this incident, and it was discovered that the stew was laced with "tetramine," a component used to poison rodents, and that the poison in the stew was potent enough to kill a full-grown cow! More than 30 lives were saved as a result of Sai-selfless Hu's act of bravery.

"The last time I heard tales of devoted dogs rescuing their owners or people, I assumed they were simply folklore. However, after seeing what happened to me, I am convinced that devoted dogs do protect their masters in danger. After three years, Liu was still torn about what happened to the devoted Sai-Hu.

"I purchased the dog meat, and if anything went wrong, I would be accountable for all of these fatalities. Everyone was saved by Sai-Hu, according to Liu.

"The consequences would be unthinkable if Sai-Hu hadn't taken the poisoned meat and stopped us from eating it!" Liu recalled the incident that took place in Jiujiang City at the Lin Ye Driving Academy.

Owners Fu Wenqi and his wife were devastated by Sai-passing. hu's They tenderly laid Sai-Hu to rest in their vegetable garden. When Zhang NingKang, the general manager of Jiujiang City's He Jieshan Cemetery, learned of Sai-accomplishment, Hu's he was deeply moved. When he encountered Fu Wenqi, he expressed his desire to transfer Sai-grave hu's to the He Jiashan cemetery.

Surprised, Fu Wenqi and his wife said, "Thank you so much for encouraging us to relocate Sai-Hu. But aren't people buried in your cemetery? Why would you bury a dog there?

"All living things on earth will eventually pass away," Zhang NingKang retorted. The spirit is all that is left. Isn't Sai-passion Hu's for helping others reason enough for everyone to admire him?

Following that, Zhang NingKang shelled out more than 10,000 Yuan to hire a specialist to locate Sai-grave Hu's in the cemetery. They carved a stone tablet for her coffin and built it. To relocate Sai-grave, Hu's Zhang Ning Kang hired two cars and four laborers.

To honor the brave dog, Zhang NingKang personally penned Sai-narrative Hu's on a stone tablet.

All living things have their own methods and ways, just like us humans who live on Earth. We should feel empathy for them, show compassion for them, and treat them equally. If you know how to treat animals with kindness and fairness, you are a person with many virtues and blessings.

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