After heavy rains left a stray dog stranded, a family rescues it and decides to adopt it.

 A stray dog that was trapped in the middle of a flooded street was rescued by a family in a Brazilian city about a month ago. The dog got caught in a lamppost's limbs.

The dog clung to the dead branches in an effort to stop himself from being dragged here by the flow of the flooded streets. At the time, a couple who lived across the street noticed the dog and tried to save him.

The man approached the puppy in the river, picked him up in his arms, carried him inside, and provided him with warmth and food.

The puppy appeared to be rather frightened when he first arrived at his new home and was drenched in cold, but he would soon receive the care he required. After being thoroughly dried off and receiving a warm water and soap wash, he was then given a plate of food and several toys.

The dog was given the name "Sorriso Trovo da Silva" because he was so ecstatic to be saved and could not stop grinning at his rescuers.

The couple's kindness allowed the horrifying rescue incident video to be posted on TikTok, where it quickly gained popularity.

The video's description reads as follows:

One of the most admirable aspects of human nature is our compassion for animals.

People thanked the couple for rescuing the adorable stray puppy as soon as the video went viral.

To everyone's surprise, the video received over 1 million views, over 300,000 likes, and over 12,000 comments. The couple decided to upload a second video showcasing the dog's growth after being saved after realizing the first one's scope.

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