It seems that in Kastamonu, Turkey, "dog owners" frequently dump their dogs in abandoned buildings or in remote mountain regions. Because of Sebahat's good reputation, individuals have begun leaving puppies there on purpose. 

Intuitively, Sebahat knew she had to stay with the puppies. Also, she was realistic enough to realize that it was quite unlikely that she could save all of the stray dogs at once. Sebahat didn't freak out, but she did make a list of her top concerns. She would first visit the locations where stray puppies were fighting for their lives. She began each day of the voyage by rousing herself at the crack of dawn. Then she'd pack up her supplies and go for the highlands in her search for more puppies. It goes without saying that the puppies were overjoyed to meet their savior, and not just because she provided them with necessities like food and water and attempted to improve their living conditions. The puppies adored Sebahat for the company she provided and the knowledge that she genuinely cared for them. It was only fair that the puppies found happiness with a kind human after being cruelly abandoned by their so-called "owners." 

We still had a ways to go on our quest. Sebahat still goes to the same five locations every day, feeding and caring for strays (and more). Sebahat felt bad about leaving the stray dogs unprotected in the open, despite her efforts to help them. Thankfully, this generated an idea that would set in motion the gradual (but essential) transformation. Sebahat started constructing sheds to house the puppies with the help of several volunteers. 

However, Sebahat and the puppies are not to be trifled with. Because of the cruelty of others, they are even more resolved to succeed. 

Sebahat explained, "I'm just doing what we should all be doing." And I will persist until the very end.

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