Blind And Elderly Dog ​​Was Reunited With Her Owner After 3 Weeks Lost. She Showered Him With kisses When She Saw Him

“She means everything. I have 5 daughters, between the ages of 4 and 13, so they have spent every day of their lives with this dog,” said Lulu’s owner, Ted Kubacki.

Dogs are not simple creatures, yet these furry buddies end up being their owners' closest friends and an additional, equally vital family member. Because of this, if they are in danger, it will still signify the same thing.

Dealing with the death of a dog companion is a predicament that no family wants to experience because they are unsure of when they will be able to see their pet again and they are aware that they are vulnerable on their own in the outside world.

That was the misery of a family from Alaska, USA, who spent three weeks looking for Lulu, their old and blind golden retriever. Even though they never lost hope, it always seemed harder to find her.

Fortunately, the furry one was discovered by a construction crew in the town after they initially mistook it for a bear when they noticed it in the bushes, according to AP.

Lulu was barely alive, but her family is now caring for her at home, according to the Daily Sitka SentinelLulu. They are just grateful that she reached them again before it was too late. It really is a miracle!

She means the world to me. Ted Kubacki, Lulu's owner, said, "My five daughters, who range in age from four to thirteen, have lived with this dog every day of their life.

She is "so helpless, and you figure that since she can't see, she can't go very far," he continued.

They encountered a variety of difficult situations while going through this process, as when some strangers made an offensive comment about the site. When she learned that Lulu had been located, all of her anxiety and helplessness disappeared.

"My wife was screaming when I called her from work. She just began shouting, and then she begins shouting at the children. They are yelling like crazy, and I can hear it," Kubacki said.

The dog managed to kiss her owner when they reconnected, despite her poor health.

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