Dog crawls under mechanic dad’s car to give him the biggest cuddle

 The look on the pups face is what got me!

Golden retrievers are unique in some way.

They are delightful to be around because of their amiable and affectionate nature.

Additionally, their smiles simply melt your heart.

There is debate over whether a golden retriever's smile is genuine or something they mimic from the people they adore.

In either case, it's unquestionably a form of communication. And a sweet one at that.

"Golden Retrievers have three distinct smiles when they're excited: the panting, aggressive, and submissive smiles. Dog smiles are different from human smiles because they can also indicate other emotions, such as fear, rather than just happiness, according to Retriever's Hub.

Their happy-appearing smile is what I call a "panting smile."

the one where their tongues are out and they appear to be grinning broadly.

This typically indicates that your dog is content and happy, and that the panting they're doing is to help them cool off.

The aggressive smile, however, is another matter.

They are tense and in "fight or flight" mode while their teeth are exposed and visible.

This typically occurs when they sense danger or are unsure of the situation.

Therefore, you don't really want to see that "smile."

Dogs can also squint their eyes and give you a submissive smile in which they flash their teeth.

This expression is intended to let you know that they are acting submissively and are not a threat.

"While it's less uncommon than an aggressive grin, this smile is still much less common than a happy one. The majority of your golden retriever's smiles, around 80%, will likely be happy smiles, with the remaining 20% being evenly split between the other two smiles.

One happy dog is getting a lot of attention for his video of him cuddling with his mechanic father.

The dog's big, goofy, happy face can be seen peering underneath a car where his dad is working.

Dad is standing underneath the car, holding a screwdriver or possibly a car repair tool.

His dog interrupts him as he searches for the ideal location to start working.

The golden retriever Dog decides it's time for kisses at that point and leans into dad before moving under the car to lick dad on the side of the head. Then he pauses to briefly lay on top of his father so he can hug and smile at him.

He then decides that it is time for a hug and settles in on his father's shoulder, nuzzling up in the crook of his neck.

He decides that this would be the ideal place for a nap and enters to take a nap. Dad still needs to fix a car, though. But not before petting his dependable dog.

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