Dog Found Barely Alive In A Dumpster Now On His Journey To Recovery

 Dogs are such beautiful, intelligent creatures, yet some heartless people still treat them inhumanely. There are far too many reports of animals being discovered in dumpsters and trash cans. opine

That was the situation recently after a French bulldog was discovered "barely hanging on" to life in a dumpster. Nevertheless, he is now in good hands and is anticipated to survive.

The French bulldog puppy was discovered in a dumpster in Allen Park, Michigan, behind a Mexican restaurant. The News-Herald reported that while taking out the trash, staff members had heard whimpering coming from the dumpster.

He was malnourished, having trouble breathing, and had bruises on his ribs and legs, according to nonprofit rescue organization Pound Pals Downriver.

she dog was "barely hanging on" when Southgate Animal Hospital stabilized him and put him in a hyperbaric chamber to aid in his breathing.

The dog's rescuers enquired about the situation and informed them that police were looking into how the dog ended up in the trash.

The News-Herald reported that the dog's examiners concluded that the animal was probably abandoned by someone unable to meet his medical needs.

The dog's name was Queso, and despite the overwhelming odds against him, he never gave up the fight for life. He is a "very sweet and loving young dog," according to Tom Abraham, director of Pound Pals Downriver.

The rescue was able to identify the dog's medical issues after evaluations.

According to Abraham, who spoke to the News-Herald, "His condition appears to be caused by a disorder known as megaesophagus, which requires special care when feeding to prevent vomiting and/or food entering the windpipe." This is probably what led to his extreme underweight and the aspirate pneumonia that was causing him such difficulty breathing. He was abandoned in the dumpster after apparently suffering for some time.

Queso, however, now has a better chance of surviving, even though he still needs to recover.

Queso's "condition has been improving," according to a Pound Pals Downriver update, and they expressed cautious optimism about his prognosis.

They claimed he was still battling pneumonia and spending time in the hyperbaric chamber, but he has been eating and putting on weight.

Although it has been reported that many people are interested in adopting Queso, he is still too fragile and will require a special family when the time comes.

For dogs with this condition, the risk of complications from malnutrition or aspirate pneumonia is quite high, Abraham told the News-Herald. We would be looking for someone with experience with special needs dogs, preferably with experience with French bulldogs, who is ready for any complications that may arise.

Queso has come a long way since being discovered in the dumpster, clinging to life, even though he isn't completely out of the woods yet. We're so relieved he's now on the road to recovery even though it's heartbreaking that anyone would abandon him in such a way.

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  • Anonymous September 30, 2022 at 4:45 PM

    Is this pup up for adoption?????

    • Anonymous September 30, 2022 at 4:46 PM

      I would love to give this cutie an amazing home


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