Dog Left On The Side Of The Road In A Doghouse Patiently Awaited Assistance

 Even though it was partially concealed in a drainage ditch by the side of the road, the salmon-pink doghouse was hard to miss.

In California, the wooden structure was placed in a remote area surrounded by farmland. The leash was still attached and a nervous brindle dog was snuggled inside waiting for a passing car.

Fortunately, a vigilant neighbor found the tiny pink cottage earlier this month and called the police to report the dog. The responding officer took the dog to the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter (SCCAS), where the puppy was clearly appreciative to be safe.

The staff at the shelter recognized the dog as Pebbles, but when the police tracked down the owner, they discovered that Pebbles had been abandoned when the owner became homeless a year earlier.

Pebbles and her previous owner have undoubtedly had a difficult time, but thanks to the police's commitment to the case, the stray dog now has a place to call home.

The nine-year-old dog, who is currently available for adoption and seeking a family to spend the rest of her life with, is praised by everyone who meets her. "I met Pebbles and she is the loveliest puppy with gorgeous, soulful eyes," Maria Chomentowski wrote on Facebook.

Robin Gabriel, a different Pebbles fan, wrote on Facebook that Pebbles was "even more charming and sweet in person, stunning brindle brown."

While Pebbles has a better future in store for him, the SCCAS wants to reassure other dog owners who are struggling to care for their pets that there are other options. The Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter (SCCAS) stated on Facebook that it is an open door admission shelter and accepts any animal without restriction.

Abandoning an animal is against the law and can cause the victim unnecessary suffering. If you have any pets that you no longer want, kindly give them to the shelter.