Every day, stray dog acts as a crossing guard and protects young students crossing the street

 Batumi, Georgia's stray dog Kupata has a crucial mission. 

It's a make-believe title, yet it holds significant weight. 

He works as a crossing guard and assists schoolchildren in the area in getting across the street safely. 

Kupata has a deep, abiding fondness for young people. This is why he is so concerned with their arrival at school unharmed. 

Once upon a time, when Kupata was just a pup, he showed up in town. 

Kupata may have been a stray, but he was always well taken after of by the neighborhood kids and adults. 

He made his home in the stairway of a building. He spontaneously began jumping in front of automobiles to make them stop so that kids could cross the street safely. 

When Kupata sees an automobile, he will begin to bark angrily at it. He doubles back to accompany the kids across the street as soon as they come to a halt. 

While playing with the kids in the park next to his house, Kupata began to feel a responsibility to protect them. 

Kupata's entire existence is dedicated to maintaining a risk-free environment at the park for kids. 

So, when he sees a group of inebriated individuals, he often becomes agitated and starts barking. 

The woman named Nona, who feeds him, one little child, and Beka are his three closest buddies. As a child raised amongst children, Kupata has a natural affinity for their company. "He's usually at the park adjacent to his house, playing with the kids," the person in charge of Kupata's Instagram told Bored Panda. 

or sausage eating Sausage is his favorite. And his resemblance to sausages was enough to inspire his moniker. 

Kupata literally means "that." 

Kupata often naps while he's not on duty as a child protector. 

Kupata gained widespread acclaim after a video of him crossing youngsters went viral on the internet. 

It's true; Kupata is now a popular destination. 

People travel from far and wide to meet and photograph with him. The Adjara Convention and Visitors Bureau even presented him with his very own dog house. 

One of the local buildings even features a mural of him. As a result of being inspired by Kupata, a local initiative has been established in Batumi that pays a small annual stipend to anyone who take in stray dogs. 

The city officials are hoping it would reduce the number of homeless canines roaming the streets. That being said, Kupata is notable. As a result, he is well-known. 

In fact, his Instagram bio uses the phrase "Pride of Georgia" to describe him. Lots of Kupata-related artwork may be seen on that page. 

Kupata, though, doesn't give a hoot about being a viral sensation or a minor celebrity in his hometown. 

To him, the most important thing is making sure the kids make it across the street without getting hurt. And he's showered with affection as a result. Kupata receives packages from all over the world. This means his popularity extends beyond his hometown and into the global community. And yet, Kupata doesn't let the praise get to his head. 

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