Hopeless sick dog sells sweet to pay for his chemotherapy treatment

 The dog was saved with the help of an animal welfare organization, which gave him a home and posted a social media plea for donations to cover his medical expenses.

Social media helped spread the word about "tribilin," a dog from Panama who has sarcoma, a type of cancer that develops in tissues near the bones or muscles and requires chemotherapy. According to the Fundación Defensores de Animales de Panamá, he was saved in February.

"My name is Tribilin, and I have sarcoma, a type of most cancers, in my face. "Don't be afraid to look at me; I'm just a sick dog," I said.

According to the Instagram post "..this foundation rescued me a month in the past, and now i'm finally prepared to receive chemotherapies, which can be my utmost desire, Cute Animls "tribilin" is seen posing next to a sign that reads "I sell candy to pay for my chemotherapies."

My tumor has already been surgically removed, but it is far too large; therefore, could you kindly lend me a paw?

His story, as expected, became popular online and touched a huge range of people.

The dog's post not only went viral, but it also helped raise enough money to get him treated and admitted to a veterinary hospital.

After several days, "tribilin" had finally been able to receive his first chemotherapy treatment, according to the inspiration.

Due to his damaged kidneys and the need for medication, he will also spend three days inside the medical facility.

They are currently awaiting word from the doctors, who will choose when he will start receiving his subsequent round of chemotherapy based on the condition of his organs.

His caregivers informed him a few hours ago that the dog had successfully received his subcutaneous hydration and that the procedure had gone well. To give his sister one last show before she passed away, a boy and his mother dressed as clowns.

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