Little Puppy Neglected Severe Dehydrated, Malnourished, Cannot Stand for More than 5 seconds

 Here's Trappido, by the way. As the story goes, Danu Colombo was notified about a sick puppy who desperately needed his assistance. To put it bluntly, he is nothing more than a bag of bones; he would not be able to maintain his balance for more than five seconds. 

He was very dehydrated, underfed, covered in fleas and scabies blisters, had an almost sealed stomach, and was afflicted with a massive infection that prevented him from opening his eyes and caused him to regularly leak pus. 

Myvit maria hermita administers his medications and oversees his treatment. It's not simple, but they have to wait for evolution to happen. 

His life literally hangs by a thread, what with his diminutive stature and all. The good news is that he is not throwing up after eating, but the bad news is that he had a lot of diarrhea the day he came. 

One of his saggy eyelids is healing faster than the other. Many of us would like to see the slim guy succeed because we care about him and would like to see him happy. 

It's been a week since he returned, so it's encouraging that he's put on some weight. He was infested with so many parasites that the medicine they devoured was already in effect. 

Though Trappido's condition has improved and he should be able to get out of bed after 11 days, his mother insists on caring for him around the clock. 

On day 25, his eyes are nearly fully recovered, with only a few more treatments from the vet to go. The initial immunization was successfully administered. 

After seven months of relief, Trappido finally found his free family. The task was successful, but this is only the beginning. Trappido decided to make a start on his own happy ending. 

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