Prince Harry and Meghan adopt abused beagle rescued from mass breeding facility

 After being adopted by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, a rescue dog named Mama Mia is living out her golden years as a member of the royal family.

One of the 4,000 beagles removed from a Virginia breeding facility was the 7-year-old beagle.

The facility used Mama Mia to produce puppies, and any that lived were cruelly taken and sold to research labs for experimentation.

It was a terrible life, but after she was saved, Mia's circumstances rapidly improved.

The Beagle Freedom Project is where Meghan Markle obtained Mama Mia, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Shannon Keith, the organization's founder, claimed in an interview with Inside Edition that Mama Mia lived her entire life in the breeding facility in abhorrent conditions. Despite this, she remained positive and loving, and after the rescue, she won the hearts of everyone she encountered.

According to Keith, "[Meghan] calls on my cell with no Caller ID and says, "Hey Shannon, this is Meghan,"" according to the LA Times. I wondered for the first 30 minutes of our conversation, "Is this Megan Fox?

Mama Mia was supposed to meet Harry and Meghan at the rescue facility after hours, but they ended up taking her right away.

She will now be able to spend the rest of her life at the couple's royal estate in Montecito, California. Mama Mia will have some canine company as Markle already owns a beagle named Guy.

Watch the video below:

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