Puppy was dumped in the Streets and Left to End, Because Born with Flipper Feet so Couldn't Be Sold

 Introduce yourself to Ariel! Because she was unwanted and hence unable to be sold, this adorable girl was discarded in the streets and left to die. Despite the fact that Ariel's flipper feet were likely the reason she was abandoned, we find them endearing and believe they contribute to her overall cuteness. Like the countless extraordinary canine heroes that came before her, this little girl is a warrior. 

When volunteers from Trenton Animals Rock came saw her wandering the street, she immediately won their hearts. 

They brought her in for her first checkup and learned that she was born with focamelia, an abnormality often seen in infants whose mothers ingested a poison during a critical period of gestation. 

Her small size limited the diagnostic procedures that could be performed, but her lungs and heart are healthy. 

Ariel was maturing daily; she was learning shelter manners and how to be a social canine, and she was winning over the hearts of the shelter's celebrity residents. 

A shelter volunteer who fell in love with her made the decision to take her in as a foster pet. He also owned a large number of additional canines. Ariel quickly felt at ease with him and forged close bonds with the pack's other canines. 

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