Rescued A Stray Dog In Critical Condition Found In The Middle Of The Road

 Animal Aid Unlimited helped save a stray dog that had wandered into the street. They found the dog in a severe state, unable to even move its head. Over his right ear, it was crawling with maggots. Nearly all of the skin had been removed, leaving it feeble and in agony. No longer able to move or eat or drink, the stray dog collapsed. 

Without the timely intervention of the Rajasthan-based animal welfare organization Animal Aid Unlimited, he likely would have perished in the same area. 

He was "discovered lying in pain on the side of the street, terribly wounded and broken," Aid Unlimited reported. The body had given up hope as maggots feasted on the side of his head. 

When we got closer, he made a feeble attempt to raise his head but eventually dropped from tiredness. 

After months of therapy and rehabilitation, Major Sahib is unrecognizable in the film below, which details his harrowing journey. 

The video shows Major Sahib writhing in pain and fear on the roadside before he is wrapped in a blanket and carried to an ambulance. 

After being treated for a while, 

Animal Aid Unlimited gave this dashing man's name, "Major Sahib," in recognition of his extraordinary bravery. 

"He was wounded and broken, yet there was still a lot of life to live" 

That's exactly what Major Sahib is doing at Animal Aid Unlimited, where he's secure from harm and can bask in the adulation of the staff.

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