Royal fans in tears as Queen’s loyal corgis wait for her coffin to arrive at Windsor Castle

 "Oh god. Seeing the corgis just destroyed me. The poor things don’t understand what happened to their Mum."

As the Queen's devoted corgis waited at Windsor Castle for her coffin to arrive, royal admirers were moved to tears.

Following her funeral at Westminster Abbey today, the late monarch's body was laid to rest in her beloved husband Prince Philip's grave at Windsor.

Numerous mourners threw flowers to the hearse as they lined Windsor's Long Walk for the moving procession.

But she had her two cherished corgis, Muick and Sandy, waiting at the estate.

Prince Andrew once approached the couriers who were escorting the dogs and asked how they were doing.

Fans of the monarchy were moved to tears as they saw images of the adorable puppies waiting patiently for the coffin to arrive.

On Twitter, someone penned: "OMG my heart."

One more remarked, "Oh bless."

Why has this caused a lump in my throat, asked a third.

A fourth person continued, "This has destroyed me."

Emma, the Queen's favorite mare and a lifelong horse lover, joined the staff members waiting outside Windsor Castle for the hearse.

The late monarch owned more than 30 corgis during her lifetime, all of which were descended from Susan, the corgi her father, George VI, gave her for her 18th birthday.

They came to be associated with her 70-year reign and were frequently depicted in official photos, portraits, coins, and bone china.

The Queen was even given credit for creating the dorgi after Princess Margaret's dachshund Pipkin and her corgi Tiny had a brief but unexpected encounter.

Just before she passed away on September 8 at the age of 96, Her Majesty experienced heartbreak with the passing of her eldest doggi.

She arrived in the Scottish Highlands at the start of the summer, but her dorgi Candy passed away soon after.

Candy, who was 18 years old and accompanied the Queen on her final visit to Balmoral before she passed away on September 8 at the age of 96, is said to have left her "distraught" at her passing.

Candy strode into the Oak Room at Windsor Castle to join Her Majesty as she celebrated the 70th anniversary of her coronation.

The two remaining corgis of the Queen have been given to Prince Andrew, according to The Sun.

According to a source, the embattled Duke of York would now house Muick and Sandy in his Windsor home with 30 bedrooms, Royal Lodge.

The Loch Muick on the Balmoral estate inspired the name Muick, which is pronounced Mick.

"It's fascinating, Charles is now King, Camilla is Queen Consort, William and Kate are the Prince and Princess of Wales," the insider continued.

"As for Andrew, it appears that he has no new position and no way to rejoin the group. He merely obtains the dogs instead.

This week, Prince William comforted a distraught royal supporter in London who was worried about what would happen to the Queen's corgis.

The newly appointed Prince and Princess of Wales greeted mourners waiting in line to see the Queen lying in state, shook their hands with fans, and spoke to the crowd.

The father of three was seen shaking hands with a blonde woman across the fence in the adorable video.

When the owner of the dogs passed away, the royal enthusiast worried that the dogs would be devastated and asked Prince William how they were doing.

Prince William reassured her while still holding her hand: "I saw them the other day. They are being well cared for, and there are two corgis that are very friendly.

Then he made a facetious remark about how well cared for they were, possibly spoiling them.

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