The dog went bald due to severe allergies – and became completely unsightly to people

 Appearances aren't always what they seem. The same can be said of animals. It's been almost 400 days since a shelter adopted out a dog because it wasn't pretty. 

When Jay's previous owners were no longer able to care for him, they surrendered him to a shelter. You'll have to wait till 2021 for that. Everyone on staff loved the little dog's quirky personality and adopted him with open arms. 

Yet, Jay's physical features were universally disliked. He's been at the shelter for about four hundred days already. As it turns out, the dog was balding due to a serious allergy. 

A beautiful canine, nine years old, has specific needs. A medication and eating plan are required for him. If you want to avoid getting ticks, you should avoid carpets and walks outside the same zone. 

The volunteers at the shelter agree that a dog as adorable as this one deserves a forever home where it will be showered with affection and treated well. 

The boy needs a loving family, and we pray he finds one soon!

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