The Little Puppy Lying & Crying Alone Without Strength After Being Abandoned On a Hill At Night

 This 20-day-old puppy was abandoned and weak, lying on a hill in Chanis, Panama.

...with her body covered in numerous wounds and full of flies, lice, and fleas...

Until they found her, she was in a critical condition, barely moved, breathed only occasionally, and closed her eyes constantly.

She spent the entire day in the hospital at Veterinary Paws & Footprints of Chanis, where she was examined every two hours.

The young child, who only weighs 0.66 kg, or 1.45 lbs, needs to receive a variety of injectable medications every few hours.

She had to receive another blood transfusion because she was unable to eat, which caused her blood sugar to drop once more.

It hurts, especially if you're a little baby.

Hearing her "crying" voice at night is heartbreaking.

However, the veterinarian advised her to do so a few more times because her anemia does not get better despite receiving adequate nutrition.

Even after receiving blood transfusions, her hematocrit value remains unchanged, indicating that she is not naturally regenerating.

Her hemoglobin level increased from 3.0 to 4.5 with the transfusion the following day, and the test results were much better. Her hematocrit increased from 12 to 16 and her platelets increased from 28 to 84, allowing baby Amor to be discharged from the hospital.

After two days in their center, Baby Amor is feeling a little better; she has stopped crying at night and has become quiet. She continues to be observed and monitored in the hospital every morning, though.

She begins to play with their volunteers in the afternoon, which might make her feel loved and be better for her mental health.

After a week, Amor began to be able to eat a small amount of the Proplan canned puppy food, but her appetite increased. She also receives water and malt extract, a food supplement with a high iron content, every two hours.

Her heart is more resilient than her body. As the wounds begin to heal, the bandage becomes itchy. The young girl persists despite all obstacles; she has overcome them and continues to stand, pleading with life for another chance.

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