To save him from floods, a man carries his dog on his back.

 People all over the world have been moved by the amazing work of a Thai man by the name of Theerachot Homjom. He chose to carry his favorite dog on his back due to the severe flooding brought on by Tropical Storm Sinlaku.

Rains caused the Kuang River to overflow, flooding the man's home in the Chiang Rai province.

There was no other option but to run for higher ground. Some people were attempting to safeguard their possessions, but Theerachot's dog was far more crucial.

The man, a soldier, has been assisting flood victims for the past two weeks in 44 different regions of Thailand, making him a hero in the process.

Theerachot reportedly stated:

The owner said, "Flooding can destroy my house, but not this adorable puppy."

The dog was anxious about what was taking place, but his adoptive father chose to reassure him. Many people neglect to provide their four-legged children with the care they require, which leads to pets being abandoned when things get tough. It was done by Theerachot.

A YouTube video of the fantastic rescue effort was then uploaded, and the supportive comments poured in quickly.

According to the Chiang Rai Times, the floodwaters destroyed hundreds of homes and claimed the lives of at least two people.

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