Woman Finds And Rescues Abandoned Pit Bull Inside Disused Bus On A Hot Day

 We will save you, dog. According to an article on www.thepetneeds.com, Melissa Geerlof made the vow after witnessing a Pit Bull being left on a hot bus. 

On her way back from the gym, Melissa encountered a distressed dog and an abandoned school bus. 

There was trash inside the white bus that was parked on the curb with no license plates and a scratched-out VIN number. 

Melissa was walking up to the bus when she noticed a dog peering curiously out of one of the windows. 

The Pit Bull, which was restrained to one of the seats, had to stand on tiptoe in order to poke her head through the opening. It was a really hot day, and Melissa was very concerned. 

Melissa's boyfriend Ben and a few neighbors soon joined her in trying to release the trapped puppy. 

After four calls to police, an hour passed before anyone arrived. The neighbors fed and watered the pittie (now named Lexi) as they waited for the cops. 

Melissa claims the cops initially told her they would keep the dog at the precinct overnight before bringing it to the shelter. 

However, when the officers returned with a crate, they informed Melissa and the neighbors that they would be sending the dog to the shelter, and that because they did not know who the owner was, the dog would (most likely) be euthanized unless one of them volunteered to take her. 

Almost instantly, Melissa declared, "I'll take her." 

The garbage "waterfall" that poured out of the bus when the police opened the doors was quite the sight. 

As soon as Lexie exited the building, she rushed over to Melissa and gave her a big hug. 

Melissa gave Lexie a wash before taking her to the vet. Melissa observed that Lexie was suffering from long nails, skin issues, and conjunctivitis. But Melissa was most worried about how Lexie would get along with her second pit bull, Roadie. There was no cause for her to be concerned. Quickly becoming fast friends. 

Melissa then pondered whether Ben would get along with a new dog. Although he was first grumpy, Lexie has since begun giving him double kisses. 

Lexie has not had much trouble adjusting. She's settled in nicely and enjoys spending time with her new family. 

Similarly, Lexie's health has improved greatly. 

On the couch, in bed, or anywhere else, she'll happily spend time with her loved ones. 

Someone on tikTok said, "It was obviously meant to be that you went by that bus and found her." We have to agree with you there.

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