Woman pulls into gas station and finds two puppies staring up at her from trash can

 Brittany pulled one puppy out of the trash can — and then found another one staring up at her.

Since the fuel in her car was nearly empty and she was traveling with her young child, they had to pull over at the closest gas station. She found something in the nearby trash can after parking at the gas station.

Inside was a dog that had been discarded carelessly. Who is capable of such a thing?

She was unable to comprehend how anyone could do such a thing!

Brittany claimed she was trembling and unsure of what to do because she was likely angry and frustrated. She only needed to get gas and head home.

But now, she came across a discarded and abandoned dog. How long the dog had been in the trash can was unknown to her. It's either been there for a day or more or was starving before he threw it. He might have been so hungry because he had eaten the food he found in the trash, that was all Brittany knew.

Brittany was aware that she needed to take care of him right away by taking him home. She then removed him from the trash can and found another dog inside!

Two dogs were thrown into the trash can!

They were both taken by her and placed in the trunk of her vehicle. Because Brittany couldn't find her purse, she had to make a phone payment. She attempted to use the staff's security cameras to see if they had captured the offenders, but she discovered that they were inoperative.

One of the dogs puked inside the car, leaving it filthy and reeking of vomit.

But Brittany was unconcerned. She had to remove them from that trash can and place them in a tidy house.

And the dogs couldn't stop licking Brittany because they were so appreciative.

Even her audience members were astonished by what they saw.

Poor infants. Amazing what you did. You possess a lovely soul. God's blessings to you and your family, Lori Marie said.

The reason they are giving you so many kisses is because they are so appreciative of what you did. Please keep us updated on what happens.

Yes, there has been an update.

One male and one female puppy were saved by Brittany. She cleaned them up and fed them a proper meal when they got home. And Brittany found them a new home right away.

While the male puppy was adopted by a friend of hers, the female puppy was adopted by one of her daughter's friends. However, because the male puppy and her friend's existing dog didn't get along, he had to be placed with another family.

The dogs are undoubtedly appreciative to Brittany for giving them a second chance in life, regardless of the home they currently reside in.

Watch the video below to meet Brittany, the two puppies, and more.

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