10-Day-Old Pup Rescued From Garbage Enjoying A Warm Bath In Sink

 My heart just melted... Please don't scroll without giving him some love!

This is a cute video of a 10-day-old puppy taking a bath in a sink. Even though the cute little thing was very young, it already got a second chance. He and his two other brothers were dumped in the trash, but they were saved.

 They were all in very bad shape when they were found, so a warm bath was essential to bring their body temperatures back to normal. The rescue group that saved them took a picture of the moment, which is too cute for words. When people from DFW Rescue Me from Texas found these puppies, they knew they had to act quickly to save their lives. 

People with good hearts did their best and got those little balls of fur to a safe place. The rescue wrote, "Three new bottle babies." "It was in a bag in a trash can. They were meant to be put down...

 Now we're safe and full." Even though the puppies are safe for the time being, they still need a lot of care and attention. Even so, they have a very small chance of surviving, because being without a mother at that age sounds impossible. 

Still, the dedicated people at this rescue in Dallas did everything they could to keep them all alive. The rescue group said, "It takes a very special person to take in bottle babies." “It isn’t just a matter of feeding them every 2 hours and keeping them clean. You pretty much have to do it all. 

We try to make it as close to a mother’s care as we can get. Never a replacement, but as close as we can come. Warm baths help!” In the short video below, one of the puppies can be seen lying on his back in a caretaker’s hands and enjoying a very comforting bath.

 Even though seeing the sweet scene is always heartwarming, thinking about how these innocent souls got there in the first place makes you wonder how some people can be so heartless. 

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