Dog Forms The Sweetest Friendship With Man Experiencing Homelessness

 Metropolitan Detroit Bear, a stray dog, has stopped searching for food because he is so depressed from living alone. The Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) published a video of Bear on its website on Sunday with the caption:

Bear is so depressed that he won't even lift his head to eat; spending nearly five years in a kennel staring at the same walls gets boring.

Despite his tragic past, Bear has a loving and kind disposition, according to his adoption profile:

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Despite the fact that his previous owner avoided him... I'm sure you'd never guess. He doesn't hold any grudges! There has never been a cuter kid than him! Bear is an adoring couch potato who only wants to be loved. He is devoted and friendly. A cute, lively, and content puppy is looking for a home where he can get all the love he needs.

Bear is crate and potty trained and is able to comply with straightforward commands.

Bear is obviously suffering from his isolation, but no one wants to give him a chance. According to the rescue group, Bear is a couch potato who adores people. But neither cats nor small dogs are allowed in his new home.

Please let people know that Bear is being adopted so that he can live happily ever after. There is a perfect match for him out there!

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