Don’t read this story because it is too emotional

 Every night for the past six years, a dog named Capitan has been found resting in the grave of his owner.

In 2006, his owner Miguel Guzman passed away, and Capitan vanished not long after the family attended his funeral services.

In an effort to locate him, they looked for him everywhere and distributed flyers. But no one had seen him.

One week later, individuals who were at the cemetery late one evening spotted Capitan laying on the grave, and they contacted the grounds keeper at the cemetery to report the sighting. Capitan had been there since the previous week.

The cemetery contacted the family, and they arrived right away to collect their loved one and bring him back home.

On the other hand, every night he would wail and scratch frantically at the door in an attempt to get out, and he wouldn't come back until the morning.

Later on, it was found out that Capitan would walk the three miles back to the cemetery every night in order to watch over the grave of his master.

It lasted for a total of seven years.

When he arrived at the cemetery each evening at precisely six o'clock, the gatekeeper would then lock it.

He remained there throughout the night in order to keep watch over the grave, and the groundskeeper was the one who opened the gate in the morning.

This is a genuine representation of Capitan right here.

P.S. : If there is any real love to be found in this universe, it must be found here!!

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