Elder Dog With Bone Cancer Kept In a Chain Without Water and Food In Drunk Man Backyard

 On September 22, GWARP received a report that an elderly dog who was critically ill was chained and denied food and water. GWARP has been involved in animal rescue for a long time, but has never encountered anything like this.

The dog appears to have bone cancer but has never received treatment, has been chained up for a long time, and has been fed only garbage and waste, which has caused it to develop osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer.

Unfortunately, this is true, as the person who reported this saw the dog being brutally beaten by her inebriated owner. The vet explained that this type of cancer is typically caused by significant damage and the infection manifesting as a tumor. For years, he had it hidden and tied up in his yard. The short metal chain meant that it was only able to move a maximum of two feet.

The owner, however, objected when the GWARP rescue team asked to save the boy, saying that they could not take "his property." They consequently asked the local police for help.

"The dog nearly broke down in tears when we left him and went to speak with the police. The owner changed his mind after we were able to give him the proper paperwork after a few hours. He stated that unless we "report" him, we could not take the dog."

"Since the unfortunate dog immediately required medical evaluations and blood tests, we agreed. Additionally, our boy needs an immediate amputation, and histology will receive fabric samples. There is still much to be done."

X-rays show osteosarcoma, a serious form of bone cancer. Fortunately, there are no metastases in his white lung, which suggests that his chances of survival are extremely slim. However, the tumor is growing quickly, and as a result of this rapid development, the skin is starting to tear. It keeps expanding every day.

Jordan received a lengthy bath to wash away his sad past and the bad vibes left over from his previous owner.

"The bad news is that there is nothing that can be done for Jordan in Azerbaijan; he must improve slightly before moving to Turkey. His departure date is in a few days."

Jordan traveled to Istanbul and underwent a brief sedation to allow for the taking of full-body X-rays prior to surgery.

Jordan's tumor-ridden limb has been amputated, and the procedure has been successful. Everything went without a hitch.

Jordan had his leg amputated on day three. He is a quick learner and quickly adjusted to his new life. He also quickly regained his appetite and became very fond of our food.

Please keep wishing him a quick recovery and a long and healthy life. We all cherish you, Jordan.