Family cries when they are reunited with their lost puppy, who spent 5 months living on the street

 It is always difficult and annoying when a pet goes missing; for responsible owners, it is typically a painful experience. However, you should never give up hope of finding your pet again and continue looking for them even in the most remote location. Drako is a puppy who spent months living on the streets before being reunited with his family, who surprised him and cuddled him while crying.

They have been with their found puppy for almost six months.

Over 2 million people have watched the video that Jenny Tafur JTR posted on Facebook after capturing the event on camera. The video depicts Drako taking a nap in the mud on a bed to recover from his cold.

He had landed in Chorrillos after getting lost between Pamplona and San Juan de Miraflores, Peru. They were unsure of how he got there or how he survived, but they were aware that his family had been searching for him for five months on land, at sea, and by air.

Although the dog was supposed to be taken to a crucial location where he would meet his family, he was instead sleeping on the street.

In the video, a man approaches him and is startled by him before hugging and crying over him. The rest of the family rushes over to shower him with affection, but Drako stood calmly by and waggled his tail in approval.

You can see how happy the dog and the people are to see each other again when you watch the video. The video is here so you can watch it and feel happy for them.

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