Feeling Disoriented, an Adopted Dog Preferred to Sleep Outdoors and Hesitates to Enter the House; Took a Few Weeks Before She Adapted to Her New Home

 Not everyone is able to have a happy family life, particularly if it is incomplete. Some people live apart from their families and most likely have to live alone. Sadly, it is impossible to have a truly "happy" family. For someone, this has been the most traumatic experience.

That is what Lillie, a pitbull, went through.

Before being adopted by Karen Masser of California, the United States, Lillie spent her early years in an animal sanctuary.

Lillie didn't exhibit any joy or excitement when she was finally adopted and brought to her new home. Lillie appeared uneasy, in contrast to other animals who adored their new home.

She always wore a worried expression and resisted going inside the house. Lillie spends all of her time in the backyard, rarely leaves it, and spends her nights alone outside.

Eventually, Karen was able to convince Lillie to come inside, but she only remained by herself next to Karen's bed. After that, Lillie put her head on a pillow and kept watching her master as if she was afraid Karen might leave her.

Later, Karen discovered that Lillie didn't know how to use a water bowl, among other things. Lillie was also unsure of how to play with the toys.

She was also very afraid of everything around her. As a result, Karen gradually started imparting knowledge to Lillie.

Then Karen gave Lillie a tour of the home so she would be familiar with every room. Lillie quickly grew accustomed to the home and especially cherished the sofa where she usually slept. She is reportedly sleeping more frequently now.

Karen took Lillie for a walk one day because she thought she was getting bored at home, but Lillie refused to leave the house. She appeared to be afraid of being taken back to the shelter. Nevertheless, Lillie finally gave in to Karen's encouragement after three weeks and agreed to go for a walk.

Lillie was actually a good and gentle dog, Karen discovered after getting used to her daily routine. Additionally, Lillie enjoyed being close to her master, spending time with her, and enjoying hugs.

After some time, Lillie grew accustomed to her new surroundings and began to enjoy her new family. She has lost her shyness and skepticism toward her surroundings.

Lillie's adjustment to her home has made Karen very happy. Lillie, who she considers to be extremely lucky to have, has come to terms with her return home.


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