In the midst of my commute, I spotted a dog dozing off. But I sensed that he was in danger. For that reason, I returned. He had been lying in a puddle along the roadside in the rain when I returned. Bravo, Caki Fahrudin

He was lying down as if he had finally had enough, and the expression on his face said it all: "I can't take it any more!"

"His pain was obvious to me." I inquired, "Is there anything we can do?" You should not give up at this point. I've arrived! So long as you don't bite me (from the agony), I'll help you. Says Fahrudin.

His friend Fahrudin drove him to the vet. We'll have X-rays to see exactly what's wrong. The veterinarian is particularly concerned about internal bleeding and damage.

Maddox, he has a chance to be operated on. Despite the vets' best efforts to save his life, he will have to undergo a spine procedure at the big Clinic outside after more expert deliberations.

Probably the hardest fight of his life is about to begin for MADDOX! An operating room awaits him, where a surgeon will perform the (spine operation) in an effort to give Maddox a second chance at life.

He was so good and bright that it seemed like he was aware of everything and where they were headed.

His name is Maddox, and he may be able to have surgery soon. Despite the vets' best efforts to save his life, he will have to undergo a spine procedure at the big Clinic outside after more expert deliberations.

“MADDOX, The biggest bout of his career awaits him. A surgeon is waiting to see him and do the (spine operation) to give Maddox a fighting chance.

He seemed to know everything and where they were going because he was so skilled and bright.

Right instantly, he was whisked away to the operating room's pre-op area. Maddox underwent surgery! He just woke up and is now napping. He takes it easy and sleeps a lot.

In the following couple of days, we'll administer the first post-op test to determine if he's in "deep pain" after the procedure. If he responds to "pinching with scissors," then he has a 50% chance of walking with practice.

Maddox's spinal cord injury is so severe that he probably won't be able to walk again. He's seen other cases where the spinal cord was similarly damaged. However, he is still living his life. We will ensure they have access to a wheelchair.

Now, only 6 days after surgery! A positive outcome seems unlikely. There were crushed vertebrae can be seen. Blue, not grey, was the color of the spinal cord. The broken spine has been left out. Discomfort has ceased to exist. How terrible that he feels no extreme agony. The doctors predict that he will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. A miracle, though, could happen!

They're going to try to do the impossible! On the other hand, improbability exists only in the mind.

16 days later, the Maddox is fantastic, delicious, and top-notch. Certainly for the time being. The man could stand upright on his own two legs. But for the time being, that's all there is. After an hour, he planned to go back to his cage.

Do not put your faith in miraculous events! But miracles are possible! The doctor is certain he will recover enough to walk because he is a strong fighter.

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