Loyal Dog Stands Guard For Over A Month Outside Home Where His Family Abandoned Him. He Believed They Would Return

 Although no one had entered the Florida property for weeks, Salvatore was unfazed. The dog guarded the foreclosed home every day, hoping his family would come home as he sat motionlessly outside the door.

Local dog rescuer Gloria Cabal saw Salvatore in his position and knew she had to help.

Salvatore was scared and refused to give up his yard despite Cabal's best efforts for nearly a month, including water, food, and treats.

Salvatore realized his family wouldn't be returning when a new realtor shoved him into a nearby park. When Savaltore approached Cabal, she agreed to take him to the Everglades Angels Dog Rescue on her behalf.

He was very protective of his yard, an Everglades Angels employee named Denise Guevara told The Dodo. He was essentially protecting his belongings, but not in a vicious or angry manner.

After being saved, Salvatore immediately warmed up to the friendly staff. The dog's abandonment devastated Everglades Angels staff members because it was obvious that the animal liked people.

Guevara continued, "He's a volunteer favorite." We could tell that he was raised in a family.

Salvatore, who had previously avoided interacting with strangers, developed into one of the shelter's cutest residents and would frequently beg for pets and jump up onto couches to cuddle on people's laps.

He's absolutely adorable, Guevara said.

Salvatore is now up for adoption through Everglades Angels, and the organization's staff is confident that he will quickly find a loving home.

Thanks to the perseverance of so many kindhearted animal lovers, Salvatore will have a second chance with a family who will never abandon him.