New York dog walker takes adorable group photos of his clients every day

Tim Pink walks dozens of dogs every day in Saratoga Springs. He leads them for miles and miles, giving them the exercise and training they need. 

Tim Pink, who lives in upstate New York, has been taking lots of photos of his furry charges since 2011. They are so cute, and we have so many questions about them! 

For example, how does he get all those dogs to sit still

and look at the camera?! 

If you think treats are enough to get this many dogs to do what you want, just think about how hard it is to get just one dog who wants food to stay still and look in the right direction. 

Pink must know how to talk to dogs in some way. 

Every day in the big, panting pack is a little different, and sometimes there are more than 20 of them!

We just can't believe how well Pink and his helpers are able to keep them all in line and well-behaved as they walk around Saratoga Springs and nearby places like Ballston Spa. 

It's no surprise that everyone in the area knows about the cute dog packs. 

Their walkers often go to local landmarks and different neighborhoods, so it's pretty cool for people who live in the area to see them. 

The local newspaper, The Daily Gazette, says that people will leave their homes and even get out of their cars just to take pictures, especially of the class photo-style doggie lineups that look so hard to do so well. 

From what I can see, their people are good at coming up with new and interesting ways to get to work every day. 

Green spaces are especially popular and a great way to get some fresh air away from the traffic and noise of downtown. 

From time to time, one of their Instagram photos also shows us one of the two magical people who help make all of this happen. 

It looks like Mr. Pink knows how to fit in with the rest of the group. 

But this isn't some kind of instant magic, and Pink can't just add more dogs to the pack and expect it to work. 

Pink takes the time to learn about each dog's personality and level of obedience training before letting them join. Getting to know each other takes time, and new dogs are brought in slowly if he thinks they will get along. 

He told The Daily Gazette that he knows each dog's name and that he and his helpers will often call them out while they're on walks to cheer them up. 

"When called, each dog looks right up at him, even when someone else is walking their dog or there is traffic," the paper says. 

Because Pink trains the dogs in a friendly way, they rarely get rowdy or distracted. 

People love the dog photos, but the fact that each one has a positive message doesn't hurt. 

It's definitely the feel-good story you need in your life right now. 

Some people in the town can still have a dog because of Pink's work. 

Rose Zacek of Saratoga Springs hired Pink after seeing him train a possible new member of the pack in the park one day. The dog was much better behaved for him than for its owner, which made her happy. 

The old dog owner has always had a dog, and she doesn't want to give up her 6-year-old black lab Lexi, even though she doesn't have the energy to keep him active. She hired Pink to make sure that he gets a good walk every day that makes him tired.

Zacek told The Daily Gazette, "Tim is the reason I didn't have to get rid of my dog." "I'll keep Lexi for as long as I can." 

We don't always realize how important dog walkers and other people who care for pets are to people's lives. 

As for Pink, he gives walks and boards dogs for people who leave town (and it sounds like there are some training skills programmed into the service as well). 

It's something he's really interested in and good at. 

We think this is why both people and dogs are always happy to see him. 

Follow him at @saratogadogwalkers on Instagram. 

Scroll down to see some video of how well these walkers are able to control their "good boys and girls."

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