Senior Dog Nearing The End Wipes Away Her Best Friend’s Tears

 For the past 19 years, his beloved partner, Mya Monay Davis, has been cheered up by this adorable little puppy named Simba. They are inseparable and have never been.

Mya informed The Dodo:

"Simba and I have been friends ever since we first met. I wouldn't have chosen a different dog to be my closest friend growing up.

Despite the fact that the love in his heart has never shone brighter, little Simba's light is now fading, which is the sad truth of life after spending so much time together.

Simba's deteriorating health has caused his body to age more slowly. Recently, it had seemed as though she was actually getting close to passing away. The thought that she would have to "put Simba to sleep" in order to end her suffering saddened Mya.

With the dog, every moment was now much more special, just like this heartwarming moment she captured on camera.

Mya remarked

"I was planning on killing my best friend. They were both lying on the ground, and she was encouraging him to let go. Despite a veterinarian's advice to put him to sleep, I didn't want to do that because it might not be the right time. I sobbed as I reassured him that he would be fine during the conversation.

Simba then did something amazing that was also incredibly indicative of his kind character.

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