Seven Orphaned Puppies Came Near A Mother Cow Begging To Be Suckled

 In this tale, seven puppies are left without a mother after she passes away. According to, all the pups wanted was to be fed and taken care of because they were helpless without human intervention.

In Hanumantha Saali's farm in Lingasugur, Karnataka, India, the puppies' mother passed away shortly after giving birth, so the farmer brought them to one of his cows, who had also recently given birth.

Astonishingly, the cow took in all of the puppies and began to nurse them.

She began to feed them one by one till the last one, and then she gave in. Moreover, she allowed them to play with her, bite her tail, and even share her bed.

To Hanumantha Saali's delight, the orphaned puppies got along great with the cow. He also posted a video of the cow feeding the puppies online. What a fantastic idea!

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