She Was Found Weighed Down By Heavy Chains Crying For Help

 A little dog was discovered in a vacant lot where he was surrounded by rubbish and debris. 

The narrative tells about how the dog was located. She had nowhere to go and nowhere to sleep; she was homeless. 

According to the website, she had nothing to shield her from the harsh, dark night as well as the bright day.

She was restrained by large cinder blocks that were linked together by a chain so thick and substantial that its weight exceeded her own. Because of the mange and the intestinal parasites, she was in excruciating discomfort! Whoever did this to this poor, defenseless puppy is a despicable human being.

She was saved, thank goodness, by PETA, who took her home, adopted her, and gave her the name Andie.

They provided medical care for her until they determined that she was in perfect health. They were even able to find a permanent residence for her with wonderful people who will shower her with love and attention. 

Because she has both feline and human companions, she will never understand what it is like to be lonely. What a change has taken place! 

Watch the video that is provided below.

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