Terrified dog tied to fence with shoelace near rubbish tip leaves people in tears

 A terrified dog that was only tethered to a fence by one shoelace was found abandoned close to a landfill. In Missouri, US, a concerned woman taking out her trash noticed a stray dog who was "shivering and afraid." She kindly stayed with the dog until animal services arrived.

On Facebook, Stay Rescue of St. Louis posted the horrifying pictures of the underweight dog looking sad and lonely. He was found with a collar indicating he was someone's pet, sitting on an abandoned sofa. The news broke to the hearts of animal lovers, and the message brought some to tears.

The Facebook post stated, "This little baby was found shivering early this morning and tied up with a shoestring."

He was found by a good woman, who stayed with him until we arrived. His name was Shoestring. He's extremely charming but also terrified, and rightfully so."

More than a thousand people shared the pictures, and hundreds of people were touched by his tragic story.

He must have been weighed down by worry and despair, the poor dear must have been terrified and perplexed "There was one commenter.

Someone else commented, "I swear his eyes appear a bit sorrowful with grief and hope at the same time," and a third person agreed, "His eyes tell a narrative."

Many people thanked the "good Samaritan" who stood by his side in their comments.

Another person added, "Thank you for seeing something, speaking up, and not turning a blind eye!" One person said, "The lady is a true hero for sticking by him." "You really are an angel,"

The local foster home for the sad dog was requested online by the animal welfare organization.

The statement continued, "He's only a few months old and deserves affection," adding, "We are beyond maximum capacity - in fact, we are the most full we have ever been."

Thankfully, a wonderful family responded to the appeal and adopted him, posting pictures of him in his new home where he was secure and content in the comments.

He is currently staying at my daughter's house. He now has her as his foster mother. The woman said, "He seems to be very happy."

After spending three years in kennels, another poor dog is wishing for a happy ending.

In contrast to Jake, an eight-year-old lurcher, many of the hundreds of dogs that arrive at Dogs Trust Leeds each year find new homes within a few weeks.

Having spent more than a thousand days in kennels, Jake is the animal shelter's longest-term inmate and appears to be Britain's most unwanted dog.

The sad dog, who had lived in two homes before turning one, was given a new home with Dogs Trust Leeds in 2016, but he was given it back in 2019 because his family's situation had changed.

The adorable puppy, who has lived in three homes and two kennels, has a heart of gold.

Animal caretakers are pleading with local animal lovers to think about welcoming the lonely dog into their homes and hearts.

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