The emotional last goodbye to his elderly puppy after 15 years faithfully by his side

 There are few things more painful than having to say farewell to a loved one for all of eternity. Our devoted four-legged buddies are included, of course, as fancy4work notes.

Our pets are devoted to us and participate in our daily lives. We have them with us always. They are a member of the family through thick and thin. They provide us joy because of the affection and loyalty they show us.

And so, how can we not feel that the loss of a beloved pet is a significant setback in our lives?

How does one bear such intense suffering?

Users of social media, and the group "Club de Acariciadores de Perritos" in particular, have been deeply impacted by a recent post.

A huge hole has been left in the family's hearts when their beloved aging puppy, Negrito, passed the rainbow bridge.

Everyone adored him. Therefore, his human mother desired a touching wake to memorialize him and say her final goodbyes. When his time came to leave this world, he hoped his spirit might absorb all the love and admiration that had been shown to him.

He was only 15 years old when he passed away. He spent 15 years in Puebla, Mexico, making his family happy and being by their side at home.

The seriousness of the furry's funeral was very remarkable.

His small, weathered body was resting on a bed of green branches with a lace pillow and a blanket over it.

After nearly 15 years of friendship, dear Negrito left us today. He was a fighter, and our loss is great, but I take comfort in knowing that he is with all the other furry angels on the other side of the rainbow. Samyna remarked, "He is no longer in pain, and he will continue to watch over us from paradise.

Hundreds of internet users reacted to these soaring words, commenting on the publication with great empathy to bid farewell to Negrito and offer support to Samyna and her loved ones.

Hundreds of thousands of others around the world felt the same grief and expressed their sympathy online.

A lot of support! His pain is ended, and he can finally rest in peace. No words will ease your pain right now, but know that the memories of the good times will never leave you. According to user Lulbel HC.

All that's left for us to do is show our support for Samyna and her family by sending positive vibes and lots of energy their way. Our hearts go out to them, as we know they will be deeply saddened by his pet's departure. However, they now have a spiritual protector who will never leave them.

That this was a pet that had never been without love was reflected in every aspect of the touching ceremony.

Over the course of many years, pets have evolved from being a mere curiosity to some into integral members of their owners' households and communities.

As a family, we are well aware of their undying devotion to each and every one of us, and we strive to show them the same level of devotion each and every day.

Even now, on the other side of the rainbow, Negrito can rest well, knowing he was the most loved. I couldn't keep the tears from falling!

A pet's life is sacred, regardless of whether it's a puppy, a kitten, a small bird, or something else entirely. Let this touching example of genuine care for small creatures inspire others.