The Little Puppy Lying & Crying Alone Without Strength After Being Abandoned On a Hill At Night

 This 20-day-old puppy was left with very little strength on a mountainside near Chanis, Panama. 

She had flies, lice, fleas, and many sores on her body until they found her. Her health is bad, she doesn't move much, breathes hard, and always closes her eyes. 

She spent the whole day at Veterinary Paws & Footprints of Chanis, where she was checked on every two hours. The small child, who weighs only 0.66 kg (1.45 lbs), has to take several injectable drugs every few hours. 

Since she couldn't eat, her blood sugar dropped again, and she had to get more blood. It's very painful, especially for a small child. It's awful to wake up in the middle of the night to her "weeping" voice... 

But the vet told her to do it again and again because her anemia didn't get better even though she was eating well. 

Even when she gets blood transfusions, her hematocrit number doesn't go up. This means that she is not healing herself. 

Because of the transfusion, her hemoglobin level went from 3.0 to 4.5 the next day. Her platelets went from 28 to 84, and her hematocrit went from 12 to 16. This meant that baby Amor could go home from the hospital. 

After two days with them, Baby Amor has stopped crying at night and is sleeping better. She is still in the hospital every morning, where she is watched and checked on. 

Their volunteers start playing with her in the afternoon, which may make her feel loved and is good for her mental health. 

A week later, Amor started to eat Proplan canned puppy food. She didn't eat much at first, but her hunger grew. She also gets water and malt extract, which has a lot of iron and is given to her every two hours. 

The strength of her heart is stronger than that of her body. As wounds start to heal, the bandage starts to feel itchy. The little girl doesn't give up. She has fought through every problem and still stands, begging life for another chance.