Two Rottweilers Saves Family Horses From Gang of Men in Middle of The Night.

 Florida's ZEPHYRHILLS - Three trespassers allegedly attempted to kill her horses for their meat over the weekend, according to a Zephyrhills resident.

Some of the wounds Brena Kramer displayed to FOX 13 News included rope burns close to the horses' mouths and cuts near their eyes. One horse, according to her, still had a rope fastened around its neck.

Despite not being shocked, Kramer says she wants to warn the nearby horse owners.

It is widespread in the South, and most horse owners are aware of it, particularly in Florida, according to Kramer. They'll let the horses bleed out and then begin butchering them.

Owners are on edge as a result of recent horse slaughter cases in the counties of Manatee, Marion, and Sumter.

Kramer thinks that whoever might have been on her property was scared off by her two rottweilers.

Pasco County deputies described the incident as suspicious and said they were looking into it.

Owners of horses are urged to exercise caution and report any unusual activity.