A street dog frantically looking for safety in a manger

 We often find ourselves searching for little miracles to lift our spirits throughout the holiday season. Something to remind and comfort us that the spirit of the season is with us, especially when we may be feeling lonely, doesn't have to be anything significant.

The nativity scene was installed one Christmas. Mary, Joseph, and the infant Jesus were present. However, the scenario had a new addition this particular year. People didn't realize they needed it, but once they saw it, it inspired them to show greater kindness and love on Christmas and all other days of the year.

It certainly is a magical time, whether it's something like snow falling in the morning or family and friends getting together for the holidays.

The nativity scene was erected in the Brazilian village of Criciuma in 2008.

They had no idea that this would be the year they experienced a miracle.

They observed something asleep in the manger as people gathered nearby.

There was a sleeping German Shepherd puppy right close to the infant Jesus.

Many visitors to the manger didn't anticipate finding a puppy as well.

But as soon as they saw him cuddled up, every guest was struck with happiness and affection.

Whether this dog was adopted is uncertain.

We sincerely hope nevertheless that he did find a new place by Christmas.

For whatever reason, this puppy was captivated to the nativity scene.

Even when we are lost, we are nonetheless traveling.

This puppy got love just when he needed it, and we ought to all share love all through the year, not just around the holidays.

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