Adorable puppy enjoys his first flight on a plane – and even gets a window seat

 The aisle may be more convenient and make bathroom breaks simpler, but nothing compares to the magic of looking out at the clouds and the golden sunrise as you soar through the air at 30,000 feet.

One young pup got to experience the thrill of staring down at the earth from a great height on his first ever flight.

Golden Retriever puppy Louie was living his best life on his debut plane ride as his owner Amanda Vargas captured the excited pooch peeking out of the window as the sun started to set.

Amanda, 28, from Colorado, US, travelled with Louie, back to his forever home on a plane after she first picked him up from the breeder.

Then, just over eight-weeks-old, Louie can be seen peering out of the window while on Amanda’s lap as the sun sets. How romantic.

Amanda says: ‘We had a long travel day, which delayed our flight home.

‘I noticed the sunset, since our flight left later than expected, and Louie looked out the window on my lap.

‘Not many people saw Louie because we were in the front of the plane, but the flight attendants loved him and the person next to us said he didn’t even notice him at first because he was so quiet and well behaved.

‘We were not technically allowed to take Louie out of his crate but I took my chances and put him in my lap. Absolutely no one complained and the flight attendants were great about it, too.’

Louie is now happy in his new home with Amanda, and even has a big brother to play with – Leo, another Golden Retriever.

The lovable brothers have matching harnesses and love going on walks together and playing with each other.

So, it’s safe to say Louie is settling in very well indeed.