Couple And Their Dogs Rescued From Rooftop During Terrifying Flash Floods

 As I saw this video of a couple and their dogs being rescued by a helicopter during a flash flood, my pulse was racing!

On September 10, 2015, catastrophic flash flooding struck the Japanese city of Joso, which is located north of Tokyo. A hundred or so people were left trapped after the roaring waters unexpectedly rushed across the city after 90,000 residents were evacuated.

Rescue teams in helicopters were sent in, and a couple was seen clinging desperately to their Shiba Inus on the roof of a house.

The couple and their cherished dogs are evacuated to safety in the dramatic video below. The floodwaters have destroyed entire homes after the Kinugawa River overflowed its banks. In the area, more rain fell in one day than it did in the entire month!

I'm so grateful that this family was able to reach safety and receive prompt assistance! Talk about this heroic rescue with your loved ones.

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