Dog has had the worst life that can be endured

 Eeyore, please. The small puppy that has had the worst existence imaginable is safe at Stray Rescue St. Louis, and his rescuers are already smitten with him.

"As if his life wasn't horrible enough, he just tested positive for the fatal illness canine parvovirus (parvo)," the rescue group said above pictures of the dog, now known as Eeyore, on their Facebook page.

And as is frequently the case with dogs that are saved from the most difficult circumstances and places, these kindhearted beings very rarely hold anyone accountable.

"He just melts in your hands. He only asks to be loved and cuddled." That sadness in those eyes is intolerable."

Eeyore is receiving medical attention, drinking, and eating, all indications that he is fighting for his life.

View his video here:

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