‘Firulai’, The Dog That Has Been Living Next To His Family’s Grave For A Week

 Left alone, 'Firulai' lives next to the grave of his family, the people who had cared for him all his life.

A loyal dog in Cauelas, Argentina, accompanied its owner to bring flowers to the grave of his wife who had passed away months before till the owner passed away more than a week ago. Since then, "Firulai" has started to sleep close to the grave of the people who raised him during his entire life.

Firulai exemplifies the unwavering love that these majestic animals bestow upon people and that lasts a lifetime. The dog stays in the cemetery for more than ten days, sleeping near to his owners' graves.

While walking with the man as he paid respects at the grave of his wife, the dog picked up the location of the cemetery. On July 14, however, the owner passed away, leaving his dog by himself.

On the day of the burial, Firulai was in charge of the funeral procession. When the deceased's family members left, they noticed that the dog wished to stay in the graveyard where his human parents were jointly buried.

Without realizing that his beloved family would never return, the loyal dog has been guarding the tomb for days. The dog is fed and watered by the cemetery staff.

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